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Creating a new react app

Bolu Abiola

21st Mar 2024

Creating a new react app

I've been a React developer for over 5 years now and I've so far only used two methods for creating a new React application (minus React frameworks such as Next, Remix, etc), and those are:

Anyone who has been in the React business for a long time almost 90% started with create-react-app and it has a special place in our hearts, but over time it has gotten slower and slower and a tad complicated. Hence the creation of Vite, which is 1000 times faster and easier to set up and has been my go-to for a while now.

Here's the code needed to setup your react app with Vite:

pnpm create vite my-react-app --template react

pnpm create vite my-react-app --template react-ts 

Feel free to interchange between npm, yarn, or react as your package manager.

In conclusion, use Vite to create your new React application. It is faster and easier, plus you can also set up other frameworks so it doesn't just work with React.

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